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UALS Designer Kick Pleat Skirt

UALS Designer Kick Pleat Skirt

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This fashionable tailored pleated skirt comes with options on skirt length. It features a back zip, deep yoke and all round knife pleats. Manufactured to very high standards with a blend of 65% polyester/30% viscose/5% elastane and machine washable at 40 degrees centigrade. This skirt complies to school uniform policy when purchased at the correct length.

Skirts may be purchased from any retailer. Please remember when selecting a skirt from any retailer that the material should not be of a stretch type/fit and the length selected should maintain the students modestly at all times.

As a guide the hem of the skirt should be knee length and certainly no more than 2 adult finger widths above the knee.

For more information please see the school uniform policy.

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